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Nature has amazing sights to offer and if you are interested in watching videos related to it, Twitter is actually the best place. Parveen Kaswan of the Indian Forest Service shared a video of a colugo and her baby and it has gone crazy viral on social media. Colugos are gliding mammals found in Southeast Asia.

Also known as flying lemurs, colugos live on trees in Southeast Asian forests and cannot fly. Another characteristic feature of colugos is that the mammals can cover long distances by gliding effortlessly between trees.

The video that Kaswan shared shows a colugo with her baby on a tree. What appears to be her nest is actually the mammal herself.

“Of all the forces on #earth, #mother’s love is strongest. A #Colugo mom with her baby. This is not a nest. This is the #mother herself. They are often called flying lemurs also because of this blanket like membrane. A great baby blanket. Amazing nature,” Kaswan said in his post.

The video has garnered over 43,000 views so far and thousands of likes. “This is something I’ve never seen before,” a user said in the comments section. Several others posted heart emoticons as well.

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