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A baby kangaroo was rescued from inside a post box at Woongoolba on the Gold Coast in Australia on Thursday. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services posted an update about the episode on Facebook earlier this week.


A baby kangaroo was placed inside a post box by an unidentified person. The reason behind the act has not been mentioned but the fact of the matter is that the baby animal was rescued. Emergency officers were alerted about the incident and arrived at the spot soon after and also received adequate help from the Australia Post.

“We are so glad this terrible story quickly jumped to a happy ending! Our Pimpama Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) crew was called to an Australia Post box at Woongoolba on the Gold Coast after a baby kangaroo had been put inside,” the caption of the post said.

“A quick response from our crew, as well as Australia Post with the post box keys, meant the joey was out in no time. Pleased to report our furry friend is in the hands of wildlife carers,” it added.


The post garnered several likes but netizens are furious with the person for putting the baby kangaroo inside the post box.

“Why would someone do this? Makes me so angry,” a user said. Another comment reads, “Humans are the worst species on the planet.”

One of the users added, “Wicked heartless person.”

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