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AChinese social media star with thousands of followers, was set on fire by her ex-husband who had a history of domestic abuse, while she was doing a live stream on the app. After battling for life over the past two weeks, the 30-year-old, popularly known as Lamu, passed away at a hospital two days ago, triggering a major debate in China.

According to a BBC report, Lamu was a popular name on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, where she would put up videos showing her rural life in Sichuan province. She was much loved for her no-make up look and authentic videos showing a rural livelihood.

Lamu’s death caused by severe burns has triggered massive social media outrage against domestic violence across China with many blaming police over inaction.

On September 14, as she was doing a live stream on the social media site, her screen went blank soon after she started. Her former husband known as Tang, had barged into the house and doused her in petrol. He was also armed with a knife. Tang set his ex-wife on fire in which the woman suffered 90% burns.

The woman was rushed to a local hospital and then shifted to another. Her family appealed to Lamu’s huge fan following for financial help and within 24 hours they raised 1 million yuan (Rs 1.08 crore).

A mother of two, Lamu had divorced Tang earlier this year over repeated instances of domestic violence. Both of them got custody of one child each. However, Tang wanted her back and was threatening both Lamu and her family.

Lamu then went on to remarry the man but soon ran away. This led Tang to go on a hunt for her and he even ended up thrashing Lamu’s sister who refused to reveal her location. Lamu then went on to divorce him again and regain custody of both the children, said the BBC report, quoting local media sources.

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