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Arecent study published by the Oxford has said the coronavirus vaccine clinical trials for children should begin now given their vulnerability to the virus. The Oxford study said that while the coronavirus vaccine trials for adults have moved to phase 3, they are yet to start for children.

The Oxford study said the impact of the coronavirus upon children is “greater” than what has been observed. The researchers also believe that the role of the children in the transmission of coronavirus is underappreciated.

“The direct impact of coronavirus upon children is greater than that observed for a number of other pathogens for which we now have effective paediatric vaccines,” the Oxford study said.

The researchers said that delaying Phase 2 coronavirus vaccine clinical trials in children will delay the recovery from Covid-19. They said it will “unnecessarily prolong its impact upon children’s education, health and emotional well-being”.

“Given the potential direct and indirect benefits of pediatric vaccination, implementation of Phase II clinical trials for coronavirus vaccines should begin now,” the study said, adding that understanding the safety and efficacy of coronavirus vaccines in children is “critical”.

It said: “Understanding the safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy of coronavirus vaccines in children is critical to protect children and adults.”

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