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The internet is quite emotional after watching a video of a doctor and his young patient as the short clip has gone viral on social media. The Feel Good Page posted the video on Twitter and it has been viewed almost 5,000 times just within hours of being made available online.


The viral video narrates the story of a little cancer patient and his doctor, who dressed up as Batman to fulfill the young child’s dream. Asked about his biggest wish, the child, suffering from cancer, told his doctor that he hoped to meet Batman.

His doctor, the next day, dressed up as Batman and met the child at the hospital. The child was ecstatic as he embraced the doctor.

“A doctor asks the cancer patient what his dream is. The boy says he wants to meet Batman. And the next day the doctor dresses in the superhero’s costume and fulfills the child’s dream,” reads the caption of the post.


The short clip has collected hundreds of likes while netizens are in tears after watching the video.

“Crying a River. What good people there are in the world. Just simple goodness,” a user said. Another comment reads, “I’m not tearing up. You are. How heartwarming.”

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