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Google doodle shared a super interesting throwback game, Loteria, from 2019 on Tuesday and we can guarantee that you will find it difficult to stop playing it. Loteria, a traditional Mexican card game, was first published on December 9, 2019.

The rules of Loteria are similar to Bingo as players mark spots on a tabla or board with a token, which used to be a raw bean traditionally. The aim is to fill the board before all the other players. The card announcer pulls out illustrated cards such as La Luna and El Arbol from a deck. Players have to locate the card announced on their board and mark it. As soon as a player completes the board, he is required to shout out, “Loteria,” and is declared the winner.

Google Doodle lets you play Loteria, a traditional Mexican card game

“Lotería is still wildly popular today across Mexico and Latinx communities, whether as a Spanish language teaching tool or for family game night,” the Google doodle page said.

The Loteria Google doodle was created by five Mexican and Mexican-American illustrators. Mexican YouTuber Luisito Comunica has provided the voiceover for the card announcer.

Loteria is part of the latest throwback games series that Google launched last week through which it has been sharing throwback games that people can “Stay and play at home” amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Over the past week, Google doodle featured games including Scoville, Fischinger and an old ICC Champions Trophy interactive game so that people can utilise their time at home amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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