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Google doodle paid a hearty tribute to teachers and childcare workers on Friday during the novel coronavirus pandemic that has wreaked havoc across the globe. The special logo represents an animated scenario depicting a teacher conducting online classes for students amid the global outbreak.

In order to prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus, people across the world are working from home while schools and colleges are shut as well. Several educational institutions, in the meantime, are conducting online classes so that students can continue with their studies.

“To all teachers and childcare workers, thank you,” the message on the special logo reads as you hover over it.

This animated illustration is part of a series that Google doodle launched last week to honour coronavirus helpers.

Ever since, Google has launched doodles almost every other day to celebrate coronavirus helpers and essential workers – those who are out on the field to serve citizens, thereby putting their lives at stake due to the pandemic.

Special Google doodles were created in honour of doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, packaging, shipping and delivery personnel, grocery workers and public transportation workers over the past two weeks.

The novel coronavirus, which was first reported in China’s Wuhan city late last year, has affected over 180 countries. In India, the total number of cases has crossed 12,000 with over 400 deaths, as per official data.

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