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Nepal registered its first Covid-19 death after a 29-year-old woman died following breathing problem, the health ministry said on Saturday.

The woman from Bahrabise Municipality of Sindhupalchowk district who died on Thursday was confirmed as coronavirus positive during PCR test at the National Public Health Laboratory in Kathmandu, the ministry added.

The pregnant woman was admitted to TU Teaching Hospital last week where she delivered a child next day. She was discharged from the hospital after the delivery.

Later, she fell sick and was admitted to a local hospital in Dhulikhel, situated 100 km east of Kathmandu.

After her health condition worsened she was rushed to the Dhulikhel Hospital but she died on way to the hospital.

The coronavirus cases in Nepal have reached 281.

Earlier today, 11 people were confirmed corona positive.

So far, 26,691 tests have been conducted and there are 244 active cases while 36 have recovered in the country.

The highest number of patients are in provinces two and five with 109 patients each while province one has 36 patients. All the three provinces are close to India border.

The number of coronavirus patients in province three is 16 while in seven, there are five patients. No cases have been reported from province six so far.

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