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Internet is a beautiful place and most of the times, bizarre things go viral on it. A similar thing happened when a Twitter user shared the image of a Good Day biscuit with an extremely hilarious caption.

Twitter user Harsha posted the picture of the biscuit and wrote, “I offered a Good Day biscuit to my colleague and he exclaimed ‘Spotify!’. Now I can’t unsee it.” Even we can’t unsee it and neither can Twitterati.

Spotify is a famous music-streaming app that has a very similar logo but in different colours.

Spotify music app twitter account pic

The tweet went crazy viral and soon became a meme. It was shared so many times that it came under the radar of Spotify India’s Twitter account and rest was history.

The music app took the joke in great humour and responded by changing their profile picture on Twitter and replacing it with a biscuit.

That was not it. Spotify even changed their Twitter tagline to, “Even we can’t unsee it now.”

Harsha’s tweet became a sensation and it was flooded with jokes and memes. Even the Twitter accounts of Britannia Good Day and Spotify commented in the thread.

This just made our day.

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