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Summers are here, and this weather calls for a nice long bath in some cold water. Right? But, it is not just us who feel like that, tigers also use the same method to beat the heat.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan recently shared a video that proves the same. He tweeted the clip with the caption, “This tiger family taking a good bath is the best thing you will watch. Visuals like thess make conservationists happy, how the species is bouncing back. The video was made by Mukesh Varma Ji in North India.”

The one-minute-long video shows a family of four tigers enjoying their time in the water body, while they play with each other. The video is from Jim Corbett. If you listen to it carefully, you will hear the sound of many birds chirping throughout the video.

Looking at this clip feels like being in nature and it is not just us who feel that way. Twitter also agrees. The comments section is full of people talking about the background music.

One user wrote, “While bathing listening to beautiful music, they feel heavenly. Thank you hero, I too enjoyed the music, so pleasant.”

The video went viral as soon as it was shared on Twitter. It garnered over 4k views within a few hours.

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