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e love it when we stumble upon an amazing video that instantly makes us forget about all the worries. And much to our delight, today is one such day.

We came across a video of two little brothers sharing a drink and, to say the least, it is the most adorable thing you will watch today. Singer and songwriter Nicola Maria Roberts shared the aforementioned clip on Twitter.

In the clip, two little boys can be seen drinking orange soda from a bottle. They take turns to sip the soda. But the most adorable part of this clip is their contagious laughter. The brothers can be seen laughing their hearts out for a rather unknown reason. They look so cute while giggling that it is hard to not smile while watching the video.

Soon after being shared, the video went crazy viral and garnered over 1.8 million views. Netizens loved it and they dropped comments to express the same. Some even said that the video cheered them up.

“Literally tried not to smile. Couldn’t do it,” a user commented. “The laughs tho. Cheered me up,” another user commented.

American basketball player Rex Chapman also shared the clip and wrote, “If you’ve had a rough week check out these brothers sharing an orange soda. Dare you to not smile.”

This video made our day.

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