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Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania Scott Perry has sent a letter to US President Donald Trump urging him to have the United States recognise Tibet as an independent country.

Praising President Trump’s stand on the Chinese Communist Party in his letter, Scott Perry says the Trump administration’s initiatives have highlighted the Chinese Communist Party’s “roguish behaviour”.

“Perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments of your administration has been re-orienting our national focus towards our greatest existential threat – the Chinese Communist Party.but some of China’s worst crimes are against those they rule over, and more needs to be done to protect those who struggle under the subjugation of General Secretary Xi Jinping,” Scott Perry writes.

Speaking about the Tibetan issue, he writes that Tibetans residing in Tibet’s original three provinces – Amdo, Kham and U-Tsang – have lived independently or with significant autonomy for hundreds of years.

“Tibet was a de-facto independent country until the People’s Republic of China chose to illegally occupy the country in 1951. Since then, numerous pieces of legislation passed by the US Congress have indicated Tibet’s status as an occupied country.”

Urging an intervention from Donald Trump on the issue, Scott Perry writes, “Mr President, you are perhaps the last, best hope that the Tibetan people have for independence. The American people believe in your dedication to the cause of freedom and advent of peace in our world. My hope is that in the face of the enormous evil being perpetuated by the Chinese Communist Party, you use the exalted position of the US presidency to secure a brighter, independent future for millions of Tibetans.”

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